[DOWNLOAD] 6 DEATH GRIPS TRACKS (Zach Hill Hip Hop Project)

SOURCE: www.thirdworlds.net
Apparently Zach Hill started jammin’ with friends and neighbors in his native Sacramento, and over time they transformed into a proper hip hop crew. They call themselves Death Grips, and they’re heavy as shit. You’ve got explosive Zach Hill percussion, chopped and screwed Pink Floyd samples, and headbanging – in your face vocals. Need I say more?
Watch the intense video for “Full Moon (Death Classic)” and download six new tracks from their forthcoming LP (mixtape?) dropping sometime later this year below.

Death Grips:
00. Known for it (Freak Grips)
00. Poser Killer
00. Spread Eagle Cross the Block
00. Face Melter (How to do impossible things)
00. Full Moon (Death Classic)
00. Where’s it at (Death Heated)
00. Takyon (Death Yon)
00. Lord of the Game
00. God Blocker
00. Blood Creepin (Grave Grips)
00. Beware (Beast Work)
00. Death Grips (Next Grips)
00. Earth Angel (Androgynous Mind)

DOWNLOAD .zip of all six tracks HERE.